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Put colour in your life. Think Green.

GreenlifePro is a dynamic enterprise which is focussed on perfecting everyone's living standard, the quality of the air we breathe and our drinking water. We do this both in the area of health and the financial area. As well as perfecting the standard of living, we have also spent many years working on perfecting the most complete solution for you.

We are therefore proud to announce that our water filter is the best in the world, on low pressure, unique in its kind and acclaimed for its quality. Evidence of this is the brilliant work of our water filter after the tsunami in Fukushima, Japan, where some hundreds of thousands of water filters removed even the radioactive particles from the water, thereby providing the population with the most essential commodity, healthy drinking water.

Our air filters are also the most complete ones on the market and perfectly adaptable to everyone's specific requirements. Ranging from allergies, hay fever and asthma to mould, particulate matter and chemical substances.

GreenlifePro works in a straightforward manner, so our service is always first class, accurate and fast. So you always obtain the result sought, with the lowest price guarantee.

Become Green. Stay Green. GreenlifePro Invest!

Based on the fact that the hospitality sector is going through difficult times, GreenlifePro provided the solution.

A solution in which all facets are addressed, developed into a full-fledged "invest" plan.
Within this plan, we can offer a comprehensive package, not only for the hospitality sector but for everyone.

From the total treatment of your (drinking) water and indoor air and (terrace) furniture to materials for institutional catering.

For instance, from today we are also an official distributor of Diamond® Europe.
Since 1985, Diamond® Europe has been contributing to the evolution of professional institutional kitchen equipment and the fame and success of the brand, supported by a leading organisation, make Diamond® Europe one of the TOP 5 of the European distribution.

In a few years, the distribution of Diamond® products crossed the European borders and expanded internationally. With a presence in more than 30 countries,
and thanks to our professionalism, experience and competence, we can also be part of this and offer you a tailor-made solution.



Purified water is vital. Due to various factors, tap water often has an unpleasant taste. Lugging bottled water is not a solution either. So what is?

Drinking water systems

Have your water purified, specifically to your requirements.
Our extensive assortment of filters offers a tailor-made water purification system.

Rain and well water

Water softeners

Untreated tap water contains calcium, which clogs up your pipes and taps, and which reduces the life of your electrical appliances. A GreenlifePro softener remedies these problems and has additional advantages.

It is often possible to obtain very good results with pumped ground water. If you do not have access to tap water, or if this is difficult, a well may be a great solution.

Plan Invest

We always calculate the most favourable price for all your equipment and articles from our assortment. This means that, together with you, the customer, we create more financial leeway and more possibilities within your budget.


Energy-efficient living

Air purification

Laat uw lucht zuiveren, specifiek naargelang uw noden.

Met ons uitgebreid gamma van filters kunnen we een model en toepassing op maat bieden zodat je het gepaste luchtzuiveringssysteem hebt voor jouw omgeving.

Underfloor heating + Heat pump

Underfloor heating is a system which is fully integrated in the flooring. Underfloor heating has been used since Roman times. At that time, this was done by circulating hot air from a wood fire through hollow underfloor channels. 


Living Off-grid and Energy-consciously

The next generation energy for buildings

In contrast to solar and wind energy, our power plant is an adjustable production unit, deployable in a decentralised manner, and available 24/24, 7/7, 365/365.

Our community tackles the way to truly go for 100% sustainable energy! Face up to your responsibility for current and future generations. Green solar and wind energy are fine, but how do we phase out nuclear power in a sustainable way? How do we keep the lights burning?


With our power plant, you pay the same or a lower monthly cost than you do now for the same amount of energy. Because you generate the energy yourself, your energy costs are lowered every year instead of steadily increasing, creating more independence from the ever-increasing energy problems and prices.

Take the future of your energy into your own hands

The most sustainable and efficient

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