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Hydrogen, the road to 100% sustainability

If we buy 100% green energy from the grid now, a substantial percentage of the power that is actually consumed locally will still be from fossil fuels (even though this CO2 is compensated by solar or wind!). This is because our consumption does not correspond to the generation of power from renewable sources.
Storage? This exercise has long since been executed by various universities, and with only solar, wind energy and battery storage, the lights in our buildings cannot be kept burning. Battery storage is suitable for short-term storage. Hydrogen and power to gas if for long-term storage.

Power to gas


The solution lies in the storage of solar and wind energy in hydrogen, which can be injected into the natural gas network. In the natural gas network, energy can be stored for longer periods at an affordable cost, in comparison to the power grid. Subsequently, small-scale efficient power plants such as the GreenlifePro fuel cell (Power Unit) can generate energy anywhere in any building on the basis of the consumption profile of the building.

Furthermore, the GreenlifePro fuel cell (Power Unit) can help the grid balanced with solar and wind energy.

This principle is called power to gas and is probably the only road to 100% sustainability.
In this way, not only is it possible to generate green power locally at any time, but the entire natural gas network can be made sustainable for heating, industry and green mobility.
Of course, we also have the GreenlifePro Power Unit for customers with a consumption or power requirement of up to 150,000 kWh per year.


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