Underfloor heating + Heat pump

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a system which is fully integrated in the flooring. Underfloor heating has been used since Roman times. At that time, this was done by circulating hot air from a wood fire through hollow underfloor channels. Nowadays, this is usually done by circulating hot water through plastic piping in the flooring. Underfloor heating uses a low energy heating regime and is therefore the perfect combination with a heat pump/condensing boiler

Advantages of underfloor heating:

  • Energy-saving by working at low heating temperature

  • Silent operation

  • No loss of usable living space

  • Even temperature distribution, sense of comfort increases

  • Only radiating warmth: less drying of the air

Disadvantages of underfloor heating:

  • Inertia of the system: the reaction speed of underfloor heating to a request for heating is significantly slower than, for instance, that of air heating.

Heat pumps

For many the heating options of the future, at Greenlifepro the future has long since started. The soil, the water and the air around us is an almost inexhaustible source of energy. A heat pump can convert a certain amount of this energy by means of working inside a larger amount of heat energy.  The performance coefficient (=COP) is, therefore, higher than 100%. Rising energy prices and increasingly tighter legislation make the choice almost unavoidable...


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