Water softeners

The advantages of our water softeners

  • Lower energy costs No limescale on the heating elements of your washing machine, boiler or kettle ensures an optimal functioning of the appliance.

  • Longer life of your electrical appliances Without limescale your household appliances such as your dishwasher or water boiler suffer less wear. 

  • Less use of detergents Shampoo, washing powder and detergents foam and clean more efficiently, so you need less of them for the same results.

  • Less cleaning No more limescale in your bathroom and kitchen thanks to our water softeners.

  • Better for skin and hair They keep their natural lustre and suppleness thanks to the soft water and the reduced use of soap products.

  • Better for your laundry Colours fade quicker and towels get rougher due to the limescale in the water. No limescale, less wear and tear.

  • Tastier coffee and tea Your appliance works better, has a longer life and the flavours fully come to life.

  • Save up to 650 Euros per year. A water softener can, therefore, save you up to 650 Euros per year. Want to know how? Get in touch!

Our assortment of water softeners

Thanks to the wide range of GreenlifePro Décalc products, we are always able to offer the equipment which perfectly suits your needs. One of the most economical water softeners on the market, both in terms of water and of salt consumption, will be available to you. Your investment will pay for itself in almost no time (or ask for our payment arrangements) (link) while you enjoy the associated comforts. You can also combine the advantages of softened water with those of our GreenlifePro Clear Water water filter. This means you can enjoy delicious drinking water from every tap in your home. Would you like to know what this means for you?


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